Hi, I am Desiree Davenport and I am running for Humboldt Community Services District.

I am running because I believe that we need a change in perspective from what the current Humboldt CSD board provides. We need people in there who represent the working class. We need more transparency and more opportunities for our community to engage with the board and with the decisions that they make on our behalf. Our water rates have already gone up by 39% this year and are set to increase by a total of 52% over the next five years, burdening working and fixed-income families in our area by making our monthly bills go up. I believe that water, just like housing, healthcare and healthy food is a human right. I believe we can have a better district if HCSD not only provides water, sewage and lighting services but also funds neighborhood programs and community spaces. 

If you would like to donate to my campaign, please follow this link to my Crowdpac campaign page. Thank you for your support!

Here are the issues I will work on if elected:

  • Implementation and management of an affordable water utility program. The State is working on one for local governments to utilize but they have not been able to follow through. I will put pressure on HCSD to create an affordable water program for the 3000+ residents who would qualify. We can't wait for the State to decide how much we should pay for our water on the local level.


  • Work with the County on ways to assist with relocation of our neighbors in King Salmon and Fields Landing as well as relocation of our infrastructure as these areas are expected to increasingly flood due to sea level rise.


  • Solutions to fight other natural disasters that may come our way such as droughts, large earthquakes and storms that have the potential to cut us off from essential services such as encouragement of residential rainwater catchment, water storage and rewards for smarter water use.

A bit about me:

I have been a resident of Humboldt County for nearly 10 years and an HCSD rate payer for 4 years. I graduated from Humboldt State University where I studied Environmental Science. I now serve the public as an environmental planner, restoration specialist and biologist. I understand Humboldt's issues when it comes to water and other natural resources. My experience involves working with local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations. 

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